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Kintampo Waterfall

The Kintampo archaeological site in Ghana dates back to 2500-1400 BCE and is one of the earliest known sites for the cultivation of the cowpea. Evidence of polished stone axes, stone beads, buildings of stone, domestic pots, ceramic sculptures of humans and animals indicate that Kintampo was established by practitioners of both pastoralism and horticulture.
The Kintampo people lived in villages composed of rectangular wattle and daub structures (the historical shape and material of Akan buildings) at Netereso, overlooking the White Volta, 50 km west of Tamale, in a settlement covering about 750 square metres.

If travelling the main north south highway between Tamale and Kumasi, be sure to stop at Kintampo Falls, a short distance north of the city of Kintampo. The stop is well worth the time and effort. There are two falls, upper and lower--both are rewarding and make for a cool, refreshing stop on your trip. The entrance fee is very small - be sure to ask for directions to find the upper falls if there are no signs.
If you start down the long set of steps, you've missed the trail to the upper portion of the falls. It's to the left as you enter the park.

This place is especially known for it's beautiful and very touristic waterfalls. But what many people don't know is that there's a prayer park not far away either, less visited by tourists. The prayerpark also has a beautiful waterfall which you'll be able to climb if you want and down the fall it is deep enough to swim.

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