Birds in Ghana

The Coastal Zone

The Savannas Zone

The Forest Zone


The Forest Zone

Tiger (White Crested) Bittern   West African Little Sparrowhawk   Golden Backed Woodpecker   Glossy backed Drongo  
Olive (Green) Ibis   Long Tailed Hawk   Rufous Sided Broadbill   Splendid Glossy Starling  
Spotted Breasted Ibis   Cassin's Hawk Eagle   Blue Cuckoo Shrike   Forest Chestnut Winged Starling  
Hartlaubs Duck   Crowned Hawk Eagle   Yellow Whiskered Greenbull   Black Winged Oriole  
Palm Nut Vulture   Forest Francoline   Green Tailed Bristle Bill   Yellow Chested Apalis  
Grey Throated Rail   White Breasted Guinea Fowl   Bristle bill   Green Backed Carmaroptera  
Nkulengu Rail   Creasted Guinea Fowl   Serine Greenbull   Yellow Brown Carmaroptera  
Buff Spotted Pigmy Rail   Gabon Bronze Napped Pigeon   Bearded Greenbull   Whistling Cisticola  
Grey Phalarope   Blue Headed Dove   White Bearded Greenbull   Rufous Crowned Eremomela  
Callared Pratincole   Black Collard Lovebird   Yellow Throated Olive Greenbull   Kemp's Longbill  
Pel's Fishing Owl   Red Headed Parrot   Spotted Greenbull   Yellow Longbill  
Ussher's Rufous Fishing Owl   Grey Parrot   West African Nicatot   Tit - Hylia  
White Bellied Kingfisher   Great Blue Touraco   Icterine Greenbull   Yellow Bellied Hyliota  
Shining Blue Kingfisher   Verraux's Touraco   Red Billed Shrike   Violet Backed Hyliota  
Black Headed Bee Eater   Dusky Long Tailed Cuckoo   Many Colored Bush Shrike   Blackcap  
White Throated Blue Swallow   Olive Long tailed Cuckoo   Fire Crest Alethe   Lemon Bellied Crombec  
African Pied Wagtail   Emerald Cuckoo   Forest Scrub Robin   Green Crombec  
Swamp Palm Bulbul   Yellow Throated Green Cuckoo   Finsch's Flycatcher Thrush   Ussher's Flycatcher  
White Browed Forest Flycatcher   Red Chested ( Solitary) Cuckoo   African Thrush   Dusky Blue Flycatcher  
Cassin's Grey Flycatcher   Black Throated Coucal   White Tailed Ant Thrush   Little Grey Flycatcher  
Blue Billed Malimbe   Akun Eagle Owl   Fraser's Rusty Thrush   Black & White Flycatcher  
Brown Nightjar   Shelly's Banded eagle Owl   Grey Ground Thrush   Shrike Flycatcher  
Narina's Trogon   African Wood Owl   Rufous Winged Akalat (Illadopsis)   Blissett's Wattle Eye  
Red Headed Dwarf Kingfisher   Yellow Legged Owlet   Pale Breasted Akalat (Illadopsis)   Chastnut Wattle Eye  
White Bellied Kingfisher   Maned (Akun Scops) Owl   Shining Drongo   Violet Backed Flycatcher  
Shining Blue Kingfisher   Sandy Scops Owl   Velvet Mantled Drongo   Red Bellied Paradise Flycatcher  
Chocolate Backed Kingfisher   Bristle Nosed Barbet   Copper Tailed Glossy Starling   Yellow Fronted Penduline Tit  
Blue Headed Bee Eater   Yellow Throated Tinker Bird   Violet Backed Starling   Collard Sunbird  
Forest Wood Hopoe   Spotted Honey Guide   Narrow Tailed Starling   Yellow Chinned Sunbird  
Brown Cheeked Hornbill   Serle's Honey Guide   Black Headed Oriole   Buff Throated Sunbird  
Piping Hornbill   Thick Billed Honey Guide   Black Capped Yellow Warbler   Olive Bellied Sunbird  
Black Casqued Hornbill   Cassin's Honey Guide   Sharpe's Apalis   Bate's Sunbird  
Red Billed Dwarf Hornbill   Brown Eared Woodpecker   Stream Warbler   Johanna's Sunbird  
Black Dwarf Hornbill   Serpent Eagle   Green Hylia   Tiny Sunbird  
Mottled Spinetail   Harrier Hawk   Olive ( Grey ) Longbill   Olive Sunbird  
Black Spinetail   African Goshawk   Forest Flycatcher   Superb Sunbird  
Sabine's Spinetail   Great Sparrowhawk   Grey Throated Tit Flycatcher   Green Backed Twin Spot  
Little African Swift   Ayre's Hawk Eagle   Olivaceous Flycatcher   Blue Bellied Fire Finch  
Bate's Black Swift   Honey Buzzard   Tessmann's Flycatcher   Black & White Mannikin  
Palm Swift   Ahanta Francoline   Grey Headed Puff Back Flycatcher   Magpie Mannikin  
Blue Breasted Kingfisher   Grey Wood Pigeon   Golden Bellied Wattle - Eye   Chestnut Bellied Negro Finch  
Black Bee Eater   Green Fruit Pigeon   Chestnut Capped Flycatcher   Grey Crowned Negro Finch  
Rosy Bee Eater   Red Billed Wood Dove   Dusky Crested Flycatcher   White Breasted Negro Finch  
Blue Throated Roller   Tambourine Dove   Blue Headed Crested Flycatcher   Black Bellied Seed Cracker  
Buff Headed Wood Hoopoe   Green Crested Touraco   Dusky Tit   Blue bellied Weaver  
Black & White Casqued Hornbill   Klaa's Cuckoo   Fraser's Scarlet Tufted Sunbird   Black Throated Malimbe  
Yellow Casqued Hornbill   Black Cuckoo   Blue Throated Brown Sunbird   Red Headed Malimbe  
Pied Hornbill   Yellowbill Coucal   Little Green Sunbird   Red Vented Malimbe  
White Crested Hornbill   Blue Headed Coucal   Flower Pecker Weaver Finch   Vieillot's Black Weaver  
Duchaillu's Yellow Spotted Barbet   Fraser's Eagle Owl   Crested Malimbe   Spectacled Weaver  
Naked Faced Barbet   Black Shouldered Nightjar   Maxwell's Black Weaver   Yellow Mantled Weaver  
Hairy Breasted Barbet   Cassin's Spine Tailed Swift   Golden Backed Weaver   Thick Billed Cuckoo  
Red Rumped Tinker Bird   Chapin's Spine Tailed Swift   Lesser Honey Guide   Wattled Cuckoo Shrike  
Speckled Tinker Bird   Purple Throated Cuckoo Shrike   Willcock's Honey Guide   Lagden's Bush Shrike  
Yellow Billed Barbet   Ansorge's Greenbull   Cassin's Sharp Billed Honey Guide   Yellow Headed Rock Fowl  
African Piculet   Cameroon Sombre Greenbull   Leaf love   Pale Fronted Negro Finch  
Green Backed Woodpecker   Slender Billed Greenbull   White Helmetshrike      
Melancholy Woodpecker   Little Grey Greenbull   Sabine's Puff Backed Shrike      
Gray Woodpecker   Little Greenbull   Sooty Boubou      
Buff Spotted Woodpecker   Honey Guide Bulbul   Familiar Chat      
Gabon Woodpecker   Grey Headed Bristle bill   Forest Robin      
Fire Bellied Woodpecker   Simple Leaf love   Many Colored Bush Shrike      
Black Capped Broadbill   White Throated Greenbull   Sulphur Breasted Bush Shrike      
Angola Pitta   Golden Greenbull   Fiery Breasted Bush Shrike      
European Swallow   Yellow Whiskered Greenbull   Blue Shouldered Robin Chat      
Square Tailed Rough Wing Swallow   Swamp Greenbull   Capuchin Babbler      
Fanti Rough Wing Swallow   Yellow Throated Greenbull   Black Cap Illadopsis      
        Puvel's Akalat      

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