Birds in Ghana

The Coastal Zone

The Savannas Zone

The Forest Zone


The Savannah Zone

Dabchick ( Little Grebe )   Wood Sandpiper   Steppe Buzzard   Nuthatch Warbler (Crombec)  
Darter ( Snake Bird )   Common Sandpiper   Martial Eagle   Pale Flycatcher  
Common Bittern   Green Sandpiper   Swallow Tailed Kite   White Collard Flycatcher  
Dwarf Bittern   Common Snipe   Secretary Bird   Ussher's Flycatcher  
Black Crowned Night Heron   Great (Double) Snipe   Fox Kestrel   Pied Flycatcher  
White Backed Night Heron   Jack Snipe   Red Necked Kestrel   Black Flycatcher  
Grey Heron   Temminck's Stint   Stone Partridge   Little Gray Flycatcher  
Black Headed Heron   Ruff (&Reff)   Senegal Bustard   White eye (Ashy ) Flycatcher  
Purple Heron   Black Tern   Sudan Bustard   Gambaga Dusky Flycatcher  
Hammerkop   Black Coucal   Spotted Thick Knee   Spotted Flycatcher  
White Stork   Giant Kingfisher   Bronze Wing Courser   Dusky Blue Flycatcher  
White Necked (Bishop) Stork    Malachite Kingfisher   Black Headed Plover   Grey Tit Babbler  
Black Stork   Pigmy Kingfisher   Four Banded Sand Grouse   West African Batis  
Saddlebill Stork (Jaribu)   Preuss's Cliff Swallow   Speckled Pigeon   Senegal Puff Back Flycatcher  
Hadad Ibis   Banded Martin   Rock Pigeon   Scarlet Spectacled Wattle Eye  
Sacred Ibis   African Sand Martin   Long tailed Dove   Brown throated Wattle Eye  
White Faced Tree Duck   Great Reed Warbler   Mourning Dove   Black & White Shrike Flycatcher  
Egyptian Goose   Rufous Cane Warbler   European Turtle Dove   Yellow Bellied Flycatcher  
Pigmy Goose   Sedge Warbler   Plain Nightjar   Paradise Flycatcher  
Spur Winged Goose   Reed Warbler   Red Necked Nightjar   African Shrike Flycatcher  
Knb Billed Goose   Rufous Grass Warbler   West African Freckled Nightjar   African Blue Flycatcher  
Pintail   Savi's Warbler   Standard winged Nightjar   Blue Fairy Flycatcher  
Cape Wigeon   Moustached Scrub Warbler   Ussher's Spinetailed Swift   White Shouldered Black Tit  
Shoveler   Swamp Flycatcher   Mouse Colored Swift   Spotted Creeper  
Wigeon   Zebra Waxbill   Blue Cheeked Bee Eater   Western Olive Sunbird  
Garganey   White Cheeked Olive Weaver   European Hoopoe   Beautiful Sunbird  
White Eyed Pochard   White Fronted Grosbeak   Red Beaked Hornbill   Violet Backed Sunbird  
Osprey   Yellow Crowned Bishop   Golden Tailed Woodpecker   Pigmy Long Tailed Sunbird  
Marsh Harrier   Yellow Mantled Whydah   Chestnut Backed Finch Lark   Scarlet Breasted Sunbird  
West African River Eagle   Black Headed Weaver   Crested Lark   Yellow Bellied Sunbird  
Crowned Crane   Adbim's White Bellied Stork   Sun Lark   Yellow White Eye  
Moorhen   Wooly Necked Stork   Rufous Rumped Bush Lark   Cabanis Yellow Bunting  
White Spotted Flufftail   Marabou Stork   Tawny Pipit   Streaky Headed Seed Eater  
Black Crake   Egyptian Vulture   Long billed Pipit   Yellow Fronted Canary  
Lilly Trotter (Jacana)   White Headed Vulture   European White Wagtail   Common Waxbill  
Senegal Thick knee   Banded Harrier Eagle   Great Grey Shrike   Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu  
Water Thick knee   Pallied Harrier   Emin's Red backed Shrike   Togo Paradise Whydah  
Crocodile Bird   Montagu's Harrier   Red tailed Chat   Nigerian Indigo Finch  
Grey Pratincole   African Harrier Hawk   Bluethroat   Grey Headed Sparrow  
Black Winged Stilt   Ovampo Sparrow Hawk   Rock Thrush   Crested Malimbe  
Forbes Banded Plover   Gabar Goshawk   Blue Rock Thrush   Red Winged Malimbe  
White Headed Plover   Chanting (Dark) Goshawk   Green Backed Ermomela   Striped (Croaking) Cisticola  
Senegal Wattled Plover   Grasshopper Buzzard   Olivaceus Warbler   Red Pate Cisticola  
Black Headed Lapwing   Red Necked Buzzard   European Whitethroat   Green Backed Eremomela  
Spur Winged Plover   Long Tailed Glossy Starling   West African Penduline Tit   Greater Swamp Warbler  
White Fronted Black Chat   Blue Eared Glossy Starling   Beautiful Long tailed Sunbird   Icterine Warbler  
White Crowned Cliff Chat   Chestnut Bellied Starling   Brown Rumped Bunting   Melodious Warbler  
Red Breasted Chat   Rock Loving Cisticola   Rock Bunting   Moho (Oriole Warbler)  
Wheater   Rufous Cisticola   Grey ( White Rumped ) Canary   Chiffchaff  
Whinchat   Black Rumped Waxbill   Cut Throat Weaver   Wood Warbler  
Scaly Fronted Weaver   Senegal (Red Billed) Fire Finch   Lavender Fire Finch   Willow Warbler  
Vitelline Masked Weaver   Warbling Silverbill   Senegal Indigo Finch   Red Winged Warbler  
Black Faced Dioch   Buffalo Weaver   West African Prinia   Garden Warbler  
Wood Ibis   Bush Sparrow   Grey Headed Kingfisher   African Forest Flycatcher  
White Backed Vulture   Rose Grey Dove   Senegal Kingfisher   Grey Woodpecker  
Ruppell's Griffon Vulture   Red Eyed Dove   White Throated Bee Eater   Flappet  Lark  
Beaudouin's Harrier Eagle   Vinaceous Dove   Little Bee Eater   European House Martin  
Brown Harrier Eagle   African Green Pigeon   Red Throated Bee Eater   Lesser Striped Swallow  
Short Toed Eagle   Yellow Bellied Fruit Pigeon   Swallow Tailed Bee Eater   Red Rumped Swallow  
Bateleur   Black Billed Wood Dove   Abyssinian Roller   Red Chested Swallow  
Red Tailed Buzzard   Namaqua Dove   Blue Bellied Roller   African Rock Martin  
Lizard Buzzard   Red Headed Lovebird   European Roller   Grey Rumped Swallow  
Tawny Eagle   Brown Necked Parrot   Blue Throated Roller   Pied Winged Swallow  
Wahlberg's Eagle   Senegal Parrot   Rufous Crowned Roller   Mosque Swallow  
Booted Eagle   Rose Ringed Parakeet   Broad Billed Roller   Wire Tailed Swallow  
African Hawk Eagle   Senegal Long Tailed Parrakeet     Black Wood Hoopoe   European Sand Martin  
Long Crested Hawk Eagle   Grey Plantain Eater   African Wood Hoopoe   Tree Pipit  
Cuckoo Falcon   Violet Plantain Eater   White Headed Wood Hoopoe   Red Shouldered Cuckoo Shrike  
Black Shouldered Kite   Guinea Turaco   Senegal Wood Hoopoe   White Breasted Cuckoo Shrike  
Yellow Billed Kite   Didric Cuckoo   Ground Hornbill   YellowThroated Leaf Love  
Bat Hawk   Great Spotted Cuckoo   Black Scimitar Bill   Common Garden Bulbul  
Grey Kestrel   Pied Crested Cuckoo   Grey Hornbill   Long Crested Helmet Shrike  
African Hobby   Levaillant's Cuckoo   Tooth Billed Barbet   Gambian Puff back Shrike  
Lesser Kestrel   Common Cuckoo   Bearded Barbet   Bell Shrike (Tropical Boubou)  
White Throated Francoline   African Cuckoo   Naked Faced Barbet   Grey Headed Bush Shrike  
Double Spurred Francoline   Senegal Coucal   Vieillot's Barbet   Brubru Shrike  
Common Helmet Guinea Fowl   Barn Owl   Lemon Rumped Tinker Bird   Long Tailed Shrike  
Black Rumped Button Quail   Milky Eagle Owl   Western Bluebill   Woodchat Shrike  
Denham's Bustard   Northern White faced Owl   Yellow Fronted Tinker Bird   White Crowned Robin Chat  
Brown Chested Wattle Plover   Grayish Eagle Owl   Black Throated Honey Guide   Redstart  
Orange Cheeked Waxbill   African Wood Owl   Lesser Honey Guide   West African Thrush  
Black Bellied Fire Finch   Spotted Eagle Owl   Wryneck   Brown Babbler  
Red Billed Fire Finch   Pearl Spotted Owlet   Fine Spotted Woodpecker   Blackcap Babbler  
Red Collard Widow Finch   White Faced Owl   Cardinal Woodpecker   Black Magpie (Piapiac)  
White Breasted Negro Finch   Scops Owl   Lesser White Spotted Woodpecker   Square Tailed Drongo  
African Quail Finch   Pennant Winged Nightjar   Black Faced Fire Finch   Amethyst (Violet Backed )Starling  
African Silverbill   Common Swift   Heuglin's Masked Weaver   Short Tailed Glossy Starling  
Yellow Winged Pytelia   Bar Breasted Mousebird   Slender Billed (little) Weaver   Lesser Blue Eared Glossy Starling  
Red Winged Pytelia   Striped Kingfisher   Village Weaver   Purple Glossy Starling  
Red Headed Dioch (Quelea)   Sparrow Weaver   Long Tailed Black Whydah   Yellow Billed Oxpecker  
Cameroon Indigo Finch   Parasitic Weaver   Orange Bishop   African Golden Oriole  
    Preuss Weaver   Fire Crowned Bishop   Grey Backed Carmaroptera  
        Broad Tailed Paradise Whydah   Winding Cisticola  
            Shortwing (siffling) Cisticola  
            Red Faced Cisticola  

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