Other Mammals

Ghana has many animals to offer but only a part have been documented. Here are some mammals which can be found in the Mole and Kakum National Park and other animal conservation areas as well as other parts of the country.

The African Elephant can be found in both forest and savannah areas.

The Hippopotamus is mostly found in the northern part of the country.

The African Buffalo is found in most of the Game Reserves.

The Red River Hog is a forest swine and as such can be found in most of Ghana's forest areas.

The Giant Forest Hog is nocturnal and as such is not seen very easily.

The Warthog is Africa's only diurnal swine.

The Aardvark is rarely seen as it is nocturnal but it is normally found in the dry savannah region.

The Rock Hyrax is closely related to the elephant.

The Tree Hyrax is found in most of Ghana's rainforest areas.

The Giant Gambian Rat (Grasscutter) is very common in every forest area.

The Cane Rat grows quite large and is found mostly in Ghana's forest and grassland area.


The Porcupine is present in Ghana's forest with two species - Brush Tailed Porcupine and the North African Crested Porcupine.

The West African Manatee is very rare but can still be found in the Volta Lake and the Volta Estuary.


The Forest Squirrels are present with many different species some of which are : Giant Forest Squirrel, Red Footed Squirrel, Pel's Flying Squirrel, Un Stripped Ground Squirrel.

The Pangolin lives in most of Ghana's Forest areas and is present in three species which are the Long Tailed Pangolin, White Bellied pangolin and the Giant Pangolin.


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