Most of these animals are found in the Mole National Park and some in the Kakum National Park as well as in other forest and conservation areas in Ghana which have not been explored yet. Many of the animals are almost extinct.

The Lion - the King of the Jungle- is almost extinct in Ghana but a small pride can be found in the Mole National Park.

The Leopard occurs in most of Ghana's forests.

Ghana has 2 species of Hyena which occur mostly in the northern part of the country : the Spotted Hyena and the Stripped Hyena.


The African Hunting Dog is almost extinct but a few still hunt in the Mole National Park.

Ghana is home to 6 species of Mongoose: Cusimanse, Marsh Mongoose, White Tailed Mongoose, Pygmy Mongoose and the Gambian Mongoose.



The African Civet is very shy and is hardly seen and the Tree Palm Civet is an arboreal forest animal.

Ghana's representatives of the Genet species are: the Small Spotted Genet, the Large Spotted Genet and the Pardine Genet.



Ghana is home to the Cape Clawless Otter and the Spotted Neck Otter.

Mole National Park and surrounding Savanna area is the home of the Black Backed Jackal and the Side Stripped Jackal.


The Honey Badger is at home in Ghana's rain forests.

The African Wildcat is only one of Ghana's smaller forest cats the others are: Serval, the Caracal and the Golden Cat.


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