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Tsatsudo Wasserfall

Tsatsudo Falls is a waterfall with about five stages in the village of Alevanyo Abeheanse, about 15 km from Hohoe. It can easily be reached from the lorry park in Hohoe, but be prepared for a rough ride.


The vehicle we took was an ancient (circa 1955) mammy wagon that was full of women and babies. The heat inside the vehicle was quite stifling. The road to Alevanyo is unpaved and full of ruts, and we managed to get a flat tire before making it very far. Everyone piled out of the vehicle, babies and all, and sat down on the road. After about an hour, we loaded back in and eventually made it to the village, only a bit worse for the wear.

The falls are easy to find--up one of the only streets in the town, but it is almost impossible to make it there without taking a guide (also known as whatever group of teenage boys is hanging around), and paying the obligatory visit to the chief. If you refuse to pay the boys, they will follow you anyways, as itís likely you're the most exciting event in town. The walk to the top is hardly strenuous, and leads to a Catholic retreat house, where if you're lucky you can meet the proprietors. The man who runs the establishment took us on a tour of the site, and accompanied us to all five stages of the falls, each at a progressively lower altitude, and told us about Ewe culture. It's nearly impossible to see the entire falls at once, but each stage is filled with rushing, frothy water and you can swim in the pool at the bottom of the final stage.

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