Birds in Ghana

The Coastal Zone

The Savannas Zone

The Forest Zone


The Coastal Zone

Cory's Shearwater Sooty Tern Dunlin Little Bee Eater
Southern Greater Shearwater Common Tern Knot Ethopian Swallow
Manx Shearwater Whiskered Tern Curlew Sandpiper Rufous Breasted Swallow
Madeira Petrel Black Winged Tern White Rumped Sandpiper Plain Backed Pipit
Leach's Petrel Royal Tern Little Stint Richard's Pipit
Storm Petrel Gull billed Tern Buff Breasted Sandpiper Yellow Throated Long Claw
Wilson's Petrel Arctic Tern Spotted Redshank Yellow Wagtails
White tailed Tropic Bird Sandwich Tern Lesser Yellow Legs Barbary Shrike ( Gonolek )
White Pelican Caspian Tern Greenshank Orange breasted Bush Shrike
Grey (Pink Backed) Pelican Scissors Billed Tern Marsh Sandpiper Brown Crowned Tchagra
Cape Gannet Lesser Flamingo Terek Sandpiper Little Blackcap Tchagra
Brown Booby Fulvous Tree Duck Redshank Black Crowned Tchagra
Long Tailed Cormorant Shelduck Pied Kingfisher Fiscal Shrike
White Breasted Cormorant European Teal Red Throated Pipit Snowy Crowned Robin Chat
Little Bittern Pochard Mouse Brown Sunbird Nightingale
Goliath Heron Lesser Moorhen Reichenbach's Sunbird Brown Akalat (Illadopsis)
Squacco Heron Allen's Gallinule Orange Weaver Pied Crow
Green Backed Heron King Reed Hen (Purple Gallinule) Little Weaver Singing Cisticola
Striated Heron Striped Crake Bar Breasted Fire Finch Black backed Cisticola
Great White Egret Finfoot Bronze Mannikin Common Fantail Warbler
Black Heron Painted Snipe Quail Finch Splendid Sunbird
Little Egret Oyster Catcher Wilson's Indigo Finch Copper Sunbird
Reef Heron Black Winged Stilt Cattle Egret Carmelite Sunbird
Yellow Billed Egret Avocet Hooded Vulture Olive Backed Sunbird
Open Bill Black Winged Pratincole Three Banded Plover Red Bishop
Glossy Ibis Common Pratincole Senegal Plover Village Weaver
African Spoonbill Kentish Plover Temminck's Courser Compact Weaver
Richardson's (Artic) Skua Little Ringed Plover Shikra Pin Tailed Whydah
Pomarine Skua Ringed Plover Long Legged Buzzard African Blue Quail
Great Skua ( Bonxie ) White Fronted Sand Plover Black Kite European Common Quail
Grey Headed Gull Kittlitz's Sand Plover Lanner Falcon Harlequin Quail
Lesser Black backed Gull Lesser Golden Plover Peregrine Falcon Quail Plover
Little Gull Bar Tailed Godwit Hobby Button Quail
Black Headed Gull Black Tailed Godwit Kestrel European Corn Crake
Sabine's Gull Grey Plover Long Tailed Nightjar African Crake
Noddy Curlew European Nightjar Black Bellied Bustard
White Capped Noddy Whimbrel White Tailed Nightjar Laughing Dove
Little Tern Turnstone Mottled Swift Barn Owl
Bridles Tern Short Billed Dowitcher Alpine Swift Roseate Tern
Damara Tern Sanderling European Bee Eater Lesser Crested Tern

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